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04 December 2007 @ 09:49 pm
Shut up or take a hike.  
I KAN HAZ CAPS U GUYZ YEAH my smashed-in-car-door hand isn't swollen to hell anymore yyyyeeeeaahahahh. It's sick-ass purple in places, but I can move it, and I can type like a literate non-teen-age-hipster-dumb-ass. w007

Yeah I should cut this because I swear too fucking much. And with my shiny healed middle finger, I will type a hearty FFFUUUUUUCCCKKK YYYYOOOOUUUUUU to gossip-heads. Drama goes IC, drama does not go OOC, if drama goes OOC, Reggie smash face. I am sick to goddamn hell of these chatty bitches, male and female, killing games because they can't get out of kindergarten and stop playing telephone behind people's backs. I keep thinking of how Canadians look on South Park whenever you guys start up. Or Pac Man. or something else with beady-ass eyes and a big damn mouth. YIP YAP YIP YAP YIP YAP OH FUCK IT'S LIKE A PURSE DOG you guys are purse dogs. Seriously, that is what you are.

Bitches you are killing the game with your gossip whoring bullshit, you know that? If you have a problem with someone, grow a pair and talk to them about it don't just turn to the next guy and go OH MY GOD THAT SKANK-ahhhhh - yeah, I mean just like that, fuckers, all Mike Doughty.

Talk to the GM, talk to the person bugging you, solve your problems like a fucking grown-up please, don't just go OH MY GOD, especially if your listener is a known loud mouthed choad loader who will cause shit just because they can.

Shut the fuck up before I bury you in the litter box or something bitches.


(Yeah there are four of us on this thing so far; we had a group blog once and got used to that format and then our webspace swallowed its own ass. So we went here. It's a journal gang bang! Dude. I'm just so mature you guys.)
Current Mood: bitchyshuuuuuut the fuuuuck up