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neun_pfosten's Journal

The Nine Pillars
13 October
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Six poindexters. One journal. No sensibility.

KORBINIAN, the pompous, effete bastard of a GM
MELISANDE, the voice of 'reason', slave-maiden of two spoiled rotten cats
WILHELMIINA, the only one who can spell, partner of the pompous bastard of a GM, and provider of sanity
REGINBRAND, who either loves the cats, or is a masochist, and who is not Raziel in real life, you nincompoop.
LINNA LEIGH, who knows more about tea than near anyone in the universe, and will fudge YOUR dice, sucker
FEARDORCHA, who is not William Wallace, and who is not Cu Chulainn, but is still dead sexy

I miss the blog engines with multiple log-in clients for the same URL. There are six of us bastards using this journal, and it would probably be simpler to run a community...but frankly, I'm unwilling to make this a community because it's too damn much extra dicking around, and it'd risk my patience against the internet's endless legions of mentally-challenged poltroons. Ew, poltroons.


Now with fresh new improved meta!
'purifying' the 'reaver', *melodramatic death rattle*!, 1d12 of the underdark, abandoned architecture, anarcrothe, ariel, arkham, ass deity!, azimuth, bald pervert magus otp, bane, bela lugosi, blue balls, bram stoker, calamari deities, carmilla, castlevania, christopher lee, chronicles of riddick, colours out of space, corbin in bondage, cretins!, cthulhu, danvers state hospital, dejoule, don't eat my cat, dracula, dwight frye, eidos, elder god tentacle pornography, eldritch horrors, fuck the hylden, fuck these dice, fuck those dice too, fuckery most foul, giant religious smoothie, goth silliness, gothic fiction, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, homosexual sarafan orgy, hylden, inconvenient armour, infiltration.org, innsmouth, irritated blue lieutenants, is it all green?, kain, king ottmar, laura, legacy of kain, lesbian vampiresses a-go-go, lestat is a paintywaist, lucy westenra is hot, mary shelley, mental flatulence, mina wears the trousers, mind fuck!, mmmmmmmm janos audron, moebius, moebius/shaft, moebutt worships calamari haw-haw, monty python, moonbats!, my god those pants, necromonger chiropractors, necromongers, new age paganism, nosgoith, nupraptor, phallic!, pointless little capes, puns involving fangs, putrefying purple prose, raziel, riddick, romanian insults, sarafan, scion of balance, selene's catsuit, sheridan le fanu, shine-jobs 4 cheep, shirtless vampire beefcake, significant sarafan nomenclature, silicon knights, smoke and shadows, spacebats!, spirituality, tamashii-no-how-the-fuck-do-you-say-reaver, tans on crematoria, tanya huff, the blood books, the elder god, the holy halfdead smells, the hylden lord, the nemesis, the nine pillars, the scion, the underdark, the underdark smells, tony jay, toothbrush of the underdark, tortoiseshells are satan, ultraviolet prose, underworld, urban horror, urban legends, urban pseudogothic, vampires, van helsing the stallion, varney the vampire, victorian melodrama explosions, vin diesel, vlad iii, vlad's harem, weasel time streamers, whore-ador!, wicca, william the just, wtggttdgh, your mom smells, your mother is vorador